Bury Green Farm

Former GSK site at Bury Green Farm

GlaxoSmithKline used to own Bury Green Farm.  They built a number of specialist buildings including some used to rear animals for medical research. GSK left the site in 2003 and sold the farm to Romehold Ltd.

Romehold obtained permission to replace some redundant farm buildings with houses at Farm Place together with some affordable houses at The Grove.

Romehold tried to find a business to take over the old GSK site without success.  In 2007 Romehold held an exhibition in the Village Hall at which they consulted residents on three possible options for the site:

Residents much preferred the data centre option and Romehold subsequently obtained planning consent for a data centre. Unfortunately, possibly as a consequent of the financial crash, a business could not be found for the centre.  Some of the former GSK buildings have been demolished.

Romehold has sold the site and the current owners plan to apply for consent to build a number of houses.

Residents might be interested in some of the documents held by the Parish Council referring to some of the historical developments.